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The discovery of the Hittite and Amarna letters in 1887 has provided access to the actual correspondence between the 18th dynasty pharaohs and the surrounding kingdoms of Mesopotamia that battled them for prominence. This important finding alone has helped to unlock some of the many mysteries of the ancient Egyptian superpower. Our lives today and those of the ancient Egyptians are separated by thousands of years and cultural differences, yet we seem to have shared similar hopes and dreams, and most notably, triumphs and tragedies. Writing this book was more than fulfilling, it was my therapy. I felt privileged and obliged to share the story of these provocative characters whose voices deserve a chance to be heard by more than just its author. The anecdote has always been there, waiting for those willing to take on the research and the responsibility of unearthing it. I hope that you will continue the journey with me on the next installment of the ‘Valley of the Kings’ dynastic series; The 19th Dynasty: Book Two.




Originally from Chicago Illinois, Terrance Coffey is an author, film producer, screenwriter and composer. Besides writing the “Valley Of The Kings” dynastic series, he has penned numerous short stories and screenplays. His passion for the arts transcends the literary field where he has since composed popular music jingles like the “Always Coca-Cola” theme for the Coca-Cola brand while producing and writing songs for some of the most popular R&B and pop artists of the past. Terry’s music score for the Coke ad “Snowflake” was chosen by the Library of Congress for display as an example of excellence in advertising. He now lives in an ambitious little town near Atlanta, Georgia where he constantly dreams of ancient Egypt.